The mission of Grupa Oscar Sp. z o.o. is to deliver maximum customer satisfaction with the services provided.

The company vision entails winning the leader position on the local market and achieving a significant position on the European market. Grupa Oscar Sp. z o.o. pursues a strategy which keeps on strengthening the market position of the company. Its target is to utilise its market opportunities and assets of the company, as well as to eliminate its weaknesses and reduce any hazards.

Services are provided based on Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Food Hygiene Practice, high personnel qualifications, meeting process and technical requirements and environmental regulations. Adherence to all those rules guarantees health-related safety of goods stored in controlled temperature.

Company employees know the corporate quality policy and are trained and instructed with respect to food safety.

Personnel commitment to provide comprehensive, high quality services to customers, based on the best, proven European standards, builds lasting competitive advantage of Grupa Oscar Sp. z o.o. on the European market as a provider of food storage services in controlled temperature.

High quality of services provided guarantees the best terms and conditions of cooperation both with our Customers and with Suppliers.

To improve the quality of our services on a constant basis, Grupa Oscar Sp. z o.o. carries out a consistent investment process, with investments in high-tech IT solutions, facilitating the service provision process and ensuring safety, including absolute health-related safety of the goods stored.

Management Board President – Agata Kapka