We offer comprehensive customs services and our proposal includes:
  • Comprehensive assistance to our customers and representing them in a Customs and Tax Office, even in the most difficult cases
  • Customs warehouse and bond
  • Releasing from the obligation to submit TC33 guarantee — Securing payment of the customs & tax debt
  • Recording deliveries (Intra-community Delivery of Goods) and purchases (Intra-community Purchase of Goods) in Intrastat system
  • Submitting Intrastat returns
  • Simplified customs clearance
  • Customs declarations in the procedures to release for circulation and export


Comprehensive handling:
  • of TIR carnets (including in NCTS)
  • of CMR, DWC documents
  • AKC-U excise returns
  • Customs clearance related to resettlement property
  • Handling of customs documents for natural persons importing goods from non-EU countries
  • Sworn translation of documents


Customs clearance through the agencies in:
  • Cargo Warsaw
  • Gdańsk-Gdynia Harbours

We are eager to start cooperating with you.

Comprehensive handling